Image Editing in Photoshop

In the past years of study, Adobe Photoshop is always one of important tools that helped me through various design projects. Now I am using the latest Adobe Photoshop CS6 which has been added more functions than the first edition I used. I could only keep learning those new functions and I never feel tired of it. I have tried some other image editing software before, but I always ended up with Photoshop again. Here I am going to play around with Photoshop to edit the beach photo below that I took before, let’s see if I can make it better than now.


1. Cropping it to a appropriate size

First of all, I want to get rid of the bush at the bottom by using crop tool.


Now, all I have in the picture is just beach, sea and sky.


2. Adjusting the color

As we can see, the picture is too dark and it needs more color contrast, so I raised both of the brightness and contrast.


And it becomes more legible.


3. Fixing the over-exposure

Now I am about to fix the over-exposed sunlight on the right, for doing that, I duplicated the layer and changed the top one’s mode from ‘Normal’ to ‘Soft Light’, and then reduced the opacity to 35. Also, in the same layer, I used lasso tool to circled out the sunlight, and then raised up the value of highlights in shadows/highlights.


And this is the final result! I’m quite happy with it and I did refer to my Photoshop textbook to guide me through the over-exposure fixing part. The thing I like best about Photoshop is that it’s full featured and really powerful for image professionals, It takes years of practice and learning to get things right.  I will keep practicing it until I can do amazing images like the proficients do.



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