RSS Feed: twXplorer

Whilst searching RSS feeds I found a post by Steve Buttry about twXplorer, a new Twitter research tool launched by the Knight Lab.

What twXplorer does is analyze the results of a Twitter search and give you not just the tweets from a search but also patterns in those tweets: the terms, hashtags and links that show up most often in your search. And each of those terms, hashtags and links is hyperlinked, so you can click on it to filter just those tweets from your original search. You can also use it to search within a Twitter list.


So I personally tried twXplorer and I’m very pleased and amazed, it is simple to use by just signing in my Twitter account on twXplorer’s page, because it is a web built-in tool so I don’t have to download and install anything. The interface design is also simple and clean, I entered several terms in the search box, and picked English in the language section. It immediately shows results in four different ways.

  • Up to 500 recent tweets containing the terms I entered.
  • In tweets that include my search terms, a bar graph showing the most popular other words that appear.
  • The most popular hashtags included in tweets containing my search terms
  • The most popular links in tweets containing my search terms.

It’s a great tool for refining searches and drilling down to find the most useful results.

TwXplorer helps users understand what people are talking about on Twitter, most importantly, it refines users’ search through a “drill-down” approach to avoid scrolling through a very long and undifferentiated list of tweets.


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