Fiction Project- Post 2- The Production Process

The filming process of Early on Set has given me great experiences on camera operations, sound recording; lighting set up, directing etc. I realised the importance of the preparations from pre-production stage that serves the filming. Communicating with actors is very important for them to understand the plot and correctly express the moods of characters. Another thing I have learnt was to film as many shots as possible with different lightings or camera angles for later revises or replacements, because it is hard to find the problems with a single shot in filming unless putting them together, which gave me the greatest understanding of how all the parts fit together to make a whole. Therefore, it is not only the film’s narrative structure but also the film’s look and overall style.


“Film is a unique art precisely because it requires a collaborative creative process. A variety of professionals and craftspeople work together to make a film. Some have expert knowledge of light and technology. Others are experts in sound, music, design, and construction.” (Martin Scorsese, 2011) Working as team is more than important in the production process, for avoiding the ambiguities in the future process, enough communications with the members in the crew could save the plenty times and energy on producing the film.

I have learnt that the cinematographer is responsible for shooting the film, but this involves much more than operating the cameras on the set. Specific tasks include framing and designing the light for each shot. In addition, the camera affects when and how we see a character — close up or far away, from a low or high angle, in high-key or low-key lighting. The final performance seen on-screen is the result of editing. Many minutes of an actor’s performance may be cut from the final film. This is a critical difference between acting on the stage and acting for the screen.

For the animation on this stage, it is more about collecting the facial features from real actor to create animated character and recording the voiceover from him too. We recorded several sounds in different lengths so that we will be able to choose the appropriate one for the final one. We have thought about the tone of speaking lines for animation voiceover would be exciting and coherent compares to old man’s normal speech, in order to indicate old man’s current metal status and also guide the audience into the intense racing. “The way an actor interprets and then plays a character affect the audience understands of the story. Often, the actor’s interpretation comes from personal experiences and values.”(Martin Scorsese, 2011)

In summary, we can see the process of production is the execution of carefully crafted plans made in pre-production and designed in development. The more time and energy a moviemaker invests in pre-production, the higher quality the end product.


Martin Scorsese, The filming making process, 2011


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