Fiction Project – Post 3 – Collaborative Filmmaking

Filmmaking can be extremely stressful and difficult if all the crew members involved in the filmmaking process aren’t pulling together in the same direction and collaborating in a way that makes the creation of the film fun and challenging. We hear plenty of stories about conflict and compromise on film sets that happened between writers-producers-directors for different reasons and had a detrimental effect on the final product.

For a better communication between the groups outside the class, we have set up the Facebook group. So that every updated material or new idea and thought from us would all go on the group page. I personally played the part of animator so once I came up with new drawings or clips; I presented them on Youtube or Dropbox, so the crews would see them and leave feedbacks to me. So we could keep in touch and updated about everything for the project by online communication.

It is integral to the filmmaking that everybody is pulling towards the common goal: To take the film from the page to the screen in the best possible way and give it the best chance of being a fantastic piece of work. That means that everyone – from the actors, the producers, the writer and the director – all have to be in agreement and have effective communicative channels in place so that they all know what they expect from each other and know what is required to make the best possible film.

We all brought the individual advantages into the filmmaking process of Early on Set, We made the most of our past skills and knowledge meanwhile also learning the new stuffs. Giving the prompt helps to each other In order to ensure the problem is solved as soon as possible.

Getting feedback and constructive criticism is part of the game too; going with the better ideas from the others definitely will make the very best result. These ideas could be from anyone, because they might see the better results from their professional vision or just where they are standing at. And that is the value of working as a team in filmmaking, because it is never a one man work.

I have really enjoyed working with my group members who are with different but complementary skills, we working together in a structured way, innovating together, to make the film Early on Set, we have been very happy with the result. And that is the biggest price for every one of us!


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