My Friends

The lucky thing is that you have some great friends, what even luckier is that they are all living in your neighborhood. This is the place where I called the second home; me and my friends are so closed just like families. When I come back after work but don’t want to stay at home alone, I would come here and chat with my friends, share our daily stories, or do things like watching movie, playing video games together. One of my friends is good at cooking, so I have the luck to eat the nice food. We don’t fuss about personal gains and losses in our friendship, we help up and care about each others, feel what each others’ feel. I believe this is what true friendship should be like.

The time with friends is always valuable to me, and while I was being with them I would forget about all the pressures in work. I hope our friendship would last forever, regardless where we are and who we will become in the future.


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