Industrial Media 1-1

The first goal of mine is to complete my Graduate Diploma study to the best of my ability; I have been working for 2 years in a non-related area after I have completed my multimedia bachelor degree in 2010. Even though the pay was good but I found out my real passions are still in film and TV, which was the reason I came back to campus for more advanced knowledge and practical skills.

Secondly, I want to enhance my technical skills for all stages of media production (pre-production, production, post-production). Especially on the aspects of camera operating which I think I have not had enough experience on.

The third goal is to learn to be a professional of media production during my study, not only learning technical skills, but also the professional manners like working on schedule, managing funds from investors, organizing the crew are even more important than technical skills as a media producer.

Lastly, I will keep seeking a media related internship to help me break through the industry in Australia. In order to prove the knowledge that I learnt from school, the best way is practising them in real life. Also, there are many things that I cannot learn from are waiting for me to explore; these will be the valuable assets to me for becoming a qualified media producer.


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