2014 Video Sketch 1-1

Edited with: iMovie

This sketch was edited with 3 shots, its main purpose was to capture the close relationship between dog and human trough the recording by the mobile phone.  In the first shot, Tiggy(dog’s name) is attracted by me waving his snack bag and runs toward the camera. In my opinion, the owners always feel being needed when their pets running toward them. In next shot,Tiggy is standing very close to the camera while he licking up the food, I intended to get this shot in zero distance with Tiggy in order to simulate the intimate moment when we playing with our pets. The interesting thing happened in next shot which was Tiggy pushed over the phone and me and Tiggy were both captured in a facing up camera angle. It follows that filming with mobile phone expanded the allowance of the interaction between the objects and camera, more possibilities would be achieved due to the inherent features of  a mobile phone(smartphone).


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