2014 Video Sketch 1-3

Edited with: iMovie

Music by: iMovie

In this sketch, the content switched to the  intimate relationship among families.

In the first scene, I filmed a father and daughter in over the shoulder shot, however it was not like the type of shot in film/TV productions which commonly is used to help the audience place the characters in their setting. It was more like a  kind of style that I intended to use the head of the person to frame the main characters. Filming from distance could cause the image becoming too empty, using the other people or objects in between to set off  seems easier for our eyes find the main focus. 

The second scene is my favorite,  which I filmed a family of three on the moving little train with my arm stretching out of the window. While the family was also taking selfies for themselves that really gave us a example of how mobile phone ares used in making photos and video all over the world. Of course, the advantages of mobile phone filming reflected in this scene which was capturing the spontaneous family movement in quick actions: flip, click, and action.

The  third one is more on the content, we got friends, families, lovers are riding water bikes all in one lake. Well, I cannot think of any other situations which gathered all these combinations and got them working on one thing as sorted groups, people get more intimate when cooperating, they always do.


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