2014 Video Sketch 1-2

Edited with: iMovie

The content of this sketch is me holding my girl friend’s hand which sticks to the topic of intimacy: the aspect of the intimate relationship between lovers which commonly the first thought comes up when we talk about intimacy.

In the first shot, the camera travels up along our arms to holding hands, this cinematic technique has been commonly seen in video production to present the intimacy of two people. It was even easier to shoot by mobile phones because of the light weights of them, or we could call the mobility of them.

In the second shot, the mobile phone was filming directly up underneath our hands, on account of the flatness of mobile phone, the shot like this is achievable without massive space and any camera mounting tools. In contrast, the normal video cameras would need extra space underneath filming objects.

In last shot, the phone was placed beside of holding hands, again, the extreme low angle benefited from the easy placement of a mobile phone. Also the romantic background music was spontaneously recorded from a movie that we were watching then, so the music clearly was found on location and was used as a social document so its loyalty free.


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