Industrial Media 3-3 Abstract

The shoot

On the day we shoot all the abstract visuals, we intended to shoot some elements could represent the features of life, such as, leaves, tree bark, annual ring shaped tree base, in contrast, we also collected some lifeless objects which would be used to inform the merciless death, such as, square buildings, iron mesh, vents. Most of the shot exposed correctly, one of them has been over exposed. The compositions of the images were considered during the filming too, we have put thoughts on how they would look like on screen, for archiving the effects we want: one example is to use the edges of the buildings to split the screen, oblique and vertical lines could inform the mood of uneasy and desperate to the audience, just like the feeling people would have when talking about death.

The edit

Firstly, I spent time on editing the interview audio cause I wanted to make it to be the monologue from Darren, who tells a story about his father’s death. Only the 5,6 sentences were selected to use, some of them were put together by half sentences in purpose of more fluent story telling. And after they have been put in order in Premiere, I search through all the abstract shots to come out the best order of showing them according to the monologue, in other words, to make the visuals more or less match with the content of audio, in order to help bringing up the mood of audience. The last part is color adjusting for those shots were too bright, I wanted the whole video would be in a cold tune because it increases the sadness. It is a bit shame that I have not fixed the white noise comes with the monologue audio, and I could have got more relevant shots: I kind of ran out the shots at the end because the tight cuts.

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