Industrial Media 3-4 Interview

The shoot

The shoot is not satisfied as we all had not got experience on operating camera for an interview, the camera shook a lot during filming and we didn’t have many shots on the listener which could be used for cutaways. Also some close-up on the eyes or hands would be useful too. But I like the shots that include both people in different camera angles, it gave varieties on visual even two people constantly sitting in same spots. Also we spent too much time on setting up two lapel micro phones into camera, and only have got one worked in the end, so I suppose next time I should get familiar with every devices that using in a shoot. The interview could be better if we previously prepared the questions, the conversation is scattered and has many redundant repeats which increased the difficulties in editing.

The edit

Because the footage has these weaknesses, it requires more efforts on editing. First of all, it has to “lose weight”, I have cut off the redundant pauses, repeats, and modal words to make the sentences more fluent. And I disassembled some of the broken sentences and put them together in one sentence, but the image would be cut and lose visual continuity. So I put cutaways on top of it to hide the incontinuous part. It is similar for solving the lack of listener’s shots(either Leon or Darren’s), I cut the listener’s shots from the abandoned parts and pasted them onto the long shots of talker, so that we can see conversations with images from both people rather than just single people is talking. I also adjusted the compositions for some shots by enlarging their size and moving them to appropriate places.

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