Industrial Media 4-2

Industrial Media has provided me the technical skills and theoretical knowledge in broadcasting, which I have not learnt enough in bachelor study. Before the course I didn’t know there are such differences between making fiction and non-fiction projects. Now I have gained a general idea about how to prepare and start a video project depend on its genre. Furthermore , I have gained the abilities to review and articulate the inter-relationships of the audience and broadcasters in media production,  and understood that I have to often stand in audience’s perspective to look back the ongoing process as a media broadcaster. Now I believe that I am capable to create and produce a simple project suitable for broadcast on TV or web, and also collaborate with other media specialists on production projects. I am aiming to get into the film and TV industry, so after I will finished the media study, if possible, I will start with an internship position in any media organisation while learning things from others and daily working, most importantly, to grasp how things are running in industry and how to solve authentic industry problems or address real issues faced in organisations.


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