Industrial Media 4-1

1-41This is a clip from my ongoing documentary project, before it looks grey and has less contrast. So in premiere pro, I turned on the “fast color corrector” and did some certain adjustments: firstly, in “saturation”, I increased the input white level, so it could highlight the bright area; in contrast, I decreased the input gray level to make the shadow darker, so that the image would have more contrast. Lastly, I enhanced the green color for hue balance to give the trees a healthy green look.

The second clip is also from the same documentary project, before the color grading, the image looked dark and lifeless, because this part of the film talks about the elderly people’s happy life, so the images are suppose to look warm and bright. So I increased the brightness for the overall image by bringing up the output white level, and also added some orange color into the footage.

For another film that I entirely created by mobile phone 1+1, I decided to give it a cool look. Everything looks well in the raw image: it has good exposure, good contrast and lighting. But if I want it to look cool, I might have to “destroy” some of the good qualities to archive a cold-blood feeling. So I switched the warm light to cold light by adding more blue, and also I decreased the brightness, so that the image would look darker.


The last clip was recorded in a dark room with insufficient lighting condition, it looks very dark. So I had to increase its brightness again, but after I have done the brightness, it left lots of noise on the screen. So I used “Neat Video” plug-in which could automatically reduce the noise for me.



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