Basic Audio Editing

Knowing Audacity from flipped lecture is really a big help for me to edit sound, I have Adobe Audition on my computer but I never bother to use it, because I get freaked out by its interface all the time. I’m not a sound expert so I won’t need 90% functions of Adobe Audition, and I failed to find software that meets my needs until today. In the past, I mostly relied on the sound editing function which is built in Adobe After effect, again it is powerful but I always ended up getting too many layers just for sound. Along with all the footage, it is a disaster on my small laptop screen. The lecture also interested me in Garage band, which I could use to compose my own background music for the following short film, but it is a shame that I haven’t got a Mac.


This is comparison of interfaces of Adobe Audition and Audacity, I know Audacity doesn’t look as cool as Audition, but it simplified all the functions I don’t ever need in the size of 8 Mb, thumbs up for that.

Next I would like to do a test on one of the voice files that I recorded for my documentary project referring to Audacity video tutorials part 1 and 2 on flipped lecture.

After I set up the preferences and imported the sound file, first thing I have to do is to cut off the unnecessary part and reduce the back ground noise. I got lost on the cutting part so I went through another tutorial ‘Audacity Cut Music’ on YouTube, and finally I have got the part I want.

audacity_1 audacity_2

Since we were recording this in a noisy cafeteria, the background noise is real pain in the neck, after several tries on getting the noise profile and adjusting the removal settings, I have got the final result done, although it is still with a bit of noise but it is much better than before.

audacity_3 audacity_4

And then export it as MP3, done!

The first experience with Audacity is fresh, some of the shortcuts work different with Adobe software, but overall I think Audacity is able to perform basic audio editing and format transfers in an intuitive way that many beginners have no trouble understanding. And it’s free!