RSS Feed: LSO Play

In today’s RSS feeds research, I found a innovative flash website LSO Play in Tim George Design‘s post. LSO(London Symphony Orchestra) is one of the world leading orchestras, and LSO Play is their new multimedia project allows users to watch & interact with HD footage of the orchestra performing Ravel’s Bolero.


We can also roam around the orchestra by changing the camera position, each camera also has different angles for us to choose. It gives us an immersive experience of enjoying classic symphony both acoustically and visually, allowing us to observe different moments happening in the performing up to four streams.


We also can explore a map of the orchestra, discover the musician bios, instruments, and masterclass videos.

In the future LSO will be uploading more videos of different performances, and maybe one day the experience will be translated to an iOS app or similar. In the meantime, I think this project really proves that Flash on the desktop is not dead!

I agree what Tim said, I think Flash has more potentials are waiting for us to develop, and giving new lives to other art forms like LSO Play did.


4 Widgets

I just had my 4 widgets added to my blog, they can be viewed on the left side of the page.

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