2014 Video Sketch 6

Edited with: iMovie

For the last sketch,I have experienced making a movie trailer using the templates that are provided in iMovie. The making process was easy, basically anyone can make a movie trailer for iPhone. Just follow the instruction to add in your videos by different shots, and type some texts to where it needs you to write. And then iMovie will automatically compose your clips to a professional look trailer with animated transitions and music.



2014 Video Sketch 5

Edited with: Wondershare Video Editor

My girlfriend doesn’t like me shaking my leg, but sometime I just playing with her…

I edited this video with a PC software called wondershare video editor, it has some visual effects which can be applied on the footage. I appied the 70’s in order to give my video a feeling of old film.


But I have to adjust the image setting as the original video was still too bright and ‘HD’ even with the effect on.


After I had done everything, in the export, there are several options for me to upload my video. I simply signed in my Youtube account and typed in the description of  the video, and then I could sit back while wondershare editor would take care the rest for me.


2014 Video Sketch 4

Edited with: Cinemagram

Cinemagram is an iOS app that you can use to animate your photos. The end result is a cross between a photo and a video. (A GIF, basically.) You use the app to film a short video with your iPhone’s camera, and then the app asks you what part of the photo you want to be animated.

In this sketch, I was suppose to waving my hand in front of the camera too, but I chose only animate my girlfriend’s hand and head by circling this area. So my hand was froze at the first frame as a result of it blurs in motion.

2014 Video Sketch 3

IMG_1974 IMG_2009

We use mobile phones to take photos to document the moments of our lives, nowadays, the smartphones can take high resolution pictures and it always can be reached around us. The photos taken with phones which are more spontaneous than cameras, also the photos can be directly edited on the phone with photo editing apps.

2014 Video Sketch 2-4

Shot with: Vine

The 3 crafts in the video are, in order, a kid is lying prone on the back of elephant, 4 people hugging in a circle, an aboriginal family of three.

These shots could be the cutaways/B-roll materials, which are commonly used to hide zooms in documentary.

 Similarly, a contextually irrelevant part of a sentence or anecdote can be removed to construct a more effective, succinct delivery. This can also be used to change the meaning of the speaker to fit the view of the producer. In fiction film, the technique can be used to indicate simultaneous action or flashbacks, usually increasing tension or revealing information.

As the contents of these cutaways still stick to the topic ‘intimacy’, they may create a better mood for the audience in a way.

Lastly, the constraints were less cared in mobile video making, in this case, the reflection of myself holding the camera on the showcase window was captured in the video. This is familiar to every one of us as we see our reflections all the time. Thus, the audience would get realness from watching the video that full of  real experiences of life.


2014 Video Sketch 2-3

Shot with: Vine

A photo slide has been projected on the floor of the entrance in a tea shop, the photos are about intimate people enjoying their tea, a hash tag topic occasionally appears.

I really like this idea that it serves multiple purposes; it tells you how happy you would get if you drink tea, and invites you to join their topic on Twitter so you can talk to the other happy people.

In the aspect of shooting technique, I used the method of ‘shot for shot’ ( a way to describe a visual work that is transferred almost completely identical from the original work without much interpretation) that commonly was used on Vine as putting shots of playing video with self-made shots to reconstruct a new story, however, the quoted shots may or may not serve original meaning in new video. 



2014 Video Sketch 2-2

Shot with: Vine

Vine gave us a platform to share our life with others, the mobile phones therefore became our eyes on someone else to see what they have seen. For example, when I decided to buy a puppy to join my family, but I hesitate on choosing breeds. I need to get advises from friends by sending them videos. The videos taken by mobile phone nowadays are large in size which may use up all your internet data. Why don’t I post a Vine? It is small in size and every one could leave commons below, and even get tips from other owners. Big win.

2014 Video Sketch 1-4

Edited with: iMovie

Music by: iMovie

In previous sketches, we had videos about people and animals, people and people, finally we can see some intimacy among animals. In this video, a group of waterfowls are having their time in the lake. The purpose was to make  a video about observing birds in the view of human eyes. Therefore the heights of camera in three shots are similar to the height of an adult in both standing and squating positions. In the second shot, I was recording while following the waterfowls, the image is not stable due to the camera moving along with my body, but it happens to be simulating the vision of human. It is similar in shot three, camera moved up in a second and moved back, just as our vision sometimes get distracted when we are looking at one thing.

2014 Video Sketch 1-3

Edited with: iMovie

Music by: iMovie

In this sketch, the content switched to the  intimate relationship among families.

In the first scene, I filmed a father and daughter in over the shoulder shot, however it was not like the type of shot in film/TV productions which commonly is used to help the audience place the characters in their setting. It was more like a  kind of style that I intended to use the head of the person to frame the main characters. Filming from distance could cause the image becoming too empty, using the other people or objects in between to set off  seems easier for our eyes find the main focus. 

The second scene is my favorite,  which I filmed a family of three on the moving little train with my arm stretching out of the window. While the family was also taking selfies for themselves that really gave us a example of how mobile phone ares used in making photos and video all over the world. Of course, the advantages of mobile phone filming reflected in this scene which was capturing the spontaneous family movement in quick actions: flip, click, and action.

The  third one is more on the content, we got friends, families, lovers are riding water bikes all in one lake. Well, I cannot think of any other situations which gathered all these combinations and got them working on one thing as sorted groups, people get more intimate when cooperating, they always do.

2014 Video Sketch 1-2

Edited with: iMovie

The content of this sketch is me holding my girl friend’s hand which sticks to the topic of intimacy: the aspect of the intimate relationship between lovers which commonly the first thought comes up when we talk about intimacy.

In the first shot, the camera travels up along our arms to holding hands, this cinematic technique has been commonly seen in video production to present the intimacy of two people. It was even easier to shoot by mobile phones because of the light weights of them, or we could call the mobility of them.

In the second shot, the mobile phone was filming directly up underneath our hands, on account of the flatness of mobile phone, the shot like this is achievable without massive space and any camera mounting tools. In contrast, the normal video cameras would need extra space underneath filming objects.

In last shot, the phone was placed beside of holding hands, again, the extreme low angle benefited from the easy placement of a mobile phone. Also the romantic background music was spontaneously recorded from a movie that we were watching then, so the music clearly was found on location and was used as a social document so its loyalty free.