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The food market 1:


The supermarket:


An old man is riding the escalator down alone:


The trolleys:


The food market 2:


The interview set-up:


An old lady is shopping in the market:



I remember I was watching TV at home and the door bell rang, I opened the door and see an old man standing outside, who is in an orange plaid shirt, dark blue pants, white-haired and pleasant. He said his name is Jeff and he is living next door, he has been mowing his lawn but all of his bins were full. He wants to borrow my spare bin to load the leaves and grasses that were cut off. I knew he was my neighbour, and I saw him often. But I have never talked to him since I moved to here. On a sudden, I was a little bit embarrassed, probably because I have been there for 2 years but never say hi to my neighbour, I quickly answered ‘Yes, yes, let me drag it to you.’

His garden is a quite big one; I don’t know how much time he spent to finish the mowing. It is a big project even to two young men. While we were loading the grasses, Jeff kindly asked my name and some other questions. When I told him that I am a student from China, he seemed very interested in my country. He told me that he always wanted to go to China, and planning to go there next year. ‘If you don’t mind,’ says Jeff, ‘please drop in anytime, and tell me more about China.’ I accepted his invitation with alacrity.

A week after, when I totally forgot about Jeff’s invitation, or maybe I just took it as a polite talk at first. My door bell rang again. ‘Hi Leon, I’m Jeff the neighbour, how are you going?’ I opened the door for him and he still looks pleasant. ‘Sorry for interrupted you again, I hope you have time to come over to my house and be my guest, I really need some good advises from you about travelling in China as we chatted last week?’ He looked at me expectantly, I really couldn’t say no to him, even though I was a little bit unwilling.

Jeff’s house is old but very clean, we were sitting on his sofa and chatting for 3 hours while drinking tea. I found out Jeff is a wise old man with lots of knowledge, he also has great sense of humour. Expect China, Jeff told me about his story too. He said his wife has passed away and all of his children are living overseas, although he didn’t mention, but I could still feel Jeff’s loneliness. It was a happy talk but also new experience to me because I have never tried to be friends with an elderly people, and I think it is pretty cool. The other young people should really make friends with them, the children should more often visit them, don’t let them be left out alone at home.