Fiction Project – Post 1- Inspirations and Good Examples

Room for Rent and Loose Tooth are both comedies story but I think the ways they revealing the jokes are quite different. There should be a lot of dialogues going on in Room for Rent’s story as the story is about housemate interview which requires less moving acting, so in order to fulfill the story and make it funny, the dialogue must be smart and entertaining. The jokes could also be enhanced by controlling the speed of speaking lines and right pauses. Loose Tooth on the other hand requires more body movements to deliver the jokes; it needs contagious acting to explain the emotion and personality of the protagonist and supporting role. Secondly, in filming and editing aspects, these stories could dig out the even better results by good using of camera and good cuts.

So by thought of these points, our Old Man Can’t Drive although is an emotional story other than the two above, but it shares same film making theories and skills with them: the dialogues might be opposite form with the Room for Rent which are terser but strongly emotional, the acting would be smooth and sensitive. Good cutting would definitely help enhancing the mood in film.

As I discussed with group members about how to make the story more believable and fill up the part of old man’s past life scenes. We decided to recreate the scenes by making an animation. Consider the time would be massive for making an animation, and I also have got the inspiration from film Kill Bill that inserted a comic book style animation for explaining the past life of character O-Ren Ishii. So I have chosen to make a comic book style animatic(still frames animation) to recreate the intense rally scene, it could be very experimental but I think it is still worth to try.

The Kill Bill animation starts with a still image of real character with voiceover, and then it slowly zoomed into a one-third screen, the other two animated version of characters appears next to the real figure screen, and then it directly cuts to the animation. This kind of method might be critical for making our transition between real life and animation because we don’t want it to be too stand out and stylish, so I will think a way to smooth the transitions as much as possible, such as using the distorted effects instead of direct cuts.

So I had some research about old style comic book and comic books style animatics, thus I got the ideas of my animation would be a overall yellowish visual style combines with hand drawing sketches which would represent a past and old feeling. The camera movements would be considered to use carefully to match with the entire theme. The sound effects such as car engines and cheering crowd will be added too. The animation will be presented along with the voiceover of old man memorizing the race in the past.