Digital Story – If You Had One Wish

If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

Each person must have something that they really desire or want to achieve, if you haven’t worked out your one, let’s take a look the other people’s wishes in our digital story If You Had One Wish

 Isn’t it amazing? Listening to these beautiful people talking about their wishes, sharing their thoughts? It is like you can enter their inward worlds and then realize the beauty of them. Some wishes were simple as to live forever; some involved the remarkable depth of humanity. No matter how theirs wishes are different, but the smiles on their faces are same. I found myself was smiling along while I was editing the footages too, I was affected by their yearnings of their wishes, and then I realized the real thing that has driven us to live and going forward is – the hope.

For this short film, me and my group mate Darren collected and filmed the answers from 15 people who were with different background and from different countries, and integrated them into one story. Many skills that we have learnt in the first semester of Graduate Diploma of Media were used for making the film, such as the photo and sound editing, creative writing etc.        In the process of production, I also have realized the importance of collaboration in fimmaking; I have really enjoyed working with Darren who is with great skills and kind personality, we working together in a structured way, innovating together, and finally made it happen, it is the best price for us. It is important mentioning that the concept of If You Had One Wish was inspired by videos on which are all compilations of fifty people’s answers and reactions to only one question. We also intended to present our story onto and some mainstream social websites like Youtube, Vimeo so that it could be brought out to the world by them; we definitely want the world to see it. Also we submitted it to ACMI to have it screened, so hopefully it will get the result we are expecting.

Lastly, great thanks to all the people who helped us to finished our digital story, you guys are amazing! May all your wishes come true!